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It’s wedding time again!

Posted by panidolce on November 28, 2007

2 tier peach rose cake A simple 2 tier cake with a special stainless steel stand. Covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing and fondant peach coloured roses.

3 tiered CakeThere are different flavours for each tier. Covered with fondant, decorated with green royal icing ( as the wedding theme was green) and lilies and roses. The stand is a special acrylic stand that looks like crystal.

Inquries are welcome. Price is dependent on size of cakes, decoration and stand to be used. There will be a fee and refundable deposit for items that are used and must be returned.


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Wedding & Engagement Season.

Posted by panidolce on August 2, 2007

BirthdayHeartSunRed RosetteEngagement cupcakeJoesfinaKek HaChocolate wedding cakeNasi Kunyit

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Posted by panidolce on June 17, 2007

Latest Herbie  Boys Love their Toys!

Dinosaur! …and their dinosaurs…Hear me Roar!

Cupcake Wedding gift Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

Yellow 3T Wedding cake Similar with the one I made before, but this time the theme is yellow.

School holidays have come and gone. I wanted to spend more time updating the page, but unfortunately back from a trip to JB, I got very bad episode of viral fever. It was so bad that I had to resort to cancelling some orders. Something I wouldn’t do, unless in extreme situations. I was having very high fever for three days, pratically bed ridden because of the body temp and also medication given by the doctor. Alhamdulillah, I am well now and raring to go.

Above are some photos of recent projects that I haven’t had a chance to sort out yet.

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Newest Wedding Cake

Posted by panidolce on May 21, 2007

Wedding Cake My latest Project. Butter cake layered with either strawberry or blueberry filling, covered with fondant icing. I make my own fondant icing. The whole cake is 6 kilos (3, 2, 1).

Bottom Layer The bottom layer.

2nd layer the other side The Second Layer one side.

2nd Layer 1 side The second layer other side

Top Layer The top.

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Posted by panidolce on April 23, 2007

As of May 1st 2007, I will be leaving my current full-time employment to focus on my baking hobby and business. Please visit for further updates.

 panidolce- deliciously divine

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Posted by panidolce on April 10, 2007

Rose CupcakeDue to unforseen circumstances,  I have to postpone the classes to a later date.

Please e-mail me if you would like to know further updates. I will also be updating the  dates of the classes once it’s firm.

Again sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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April Showers!

Posted by panidolce on April 3, 2007

It’s been raining and I have also been feeling a bit blue. I have been updating this blog with some new photos and also class information for April and part of May. How have I been able to do that, you ask. It’s because I am at the moment am recovering from an appendics (sp?) operation and will be on MC till this Friday.

Please feel free to leave any inquiries or comments pertaining to my classes and products. Remember…Oven is your best friend!

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Home is…

Posted by panidolce on March 3, 2007

where the heart is. And my heart is at home. Ok! as you all noticed (I hope that you noticed) that I have been trying out a few new presentation style. I have been looking around but I think at this moment I am happy with this one. The colour is in between of two favourites, yellow and brown.

If you noticed too, I have moved some of the photos into separate pages, of which you can access via clicking on the tabs on top or on the name of the pages on the left. I am sorry to my guests who came before and came again, to suddenly be disoriented with my new presentation. I think,I can promise you that I will be sticking with this one for a while. At the mean time please feel free to check out the other pages here to re-familiarize yourself.

This blog is mainly for things that can be ordered and classes that I conduct. For my experimentation in food or other things in life, please check out my other blog: Honestly, can’t promise that it will be updated regularly, but will try my best. Tata titi tutu!

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Pink Cupcakes

Posted by panidolce on February 8, 2007

Pink White Cupcake Pink Mini Cupcake.

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Happy Birthday!

Posted by panidolce on February 1, 2007

On the sideA Birthday Cake I made for a neighbour. He wanted a fruit cake for his wife’s birthday. I had extra sugar flowers lying around and I thought it would be sweet to make it garden themed. The cake is 1 kilo with cherries, apricot, raisins and dried pineapples soaked in orange juice. I made the fondant icing myself. Don’t really believe in store-bought items. Guaranteed preservative free!

Flowers in the garden Happy Birthday!

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